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We Are Barakah, Inc.

Barakah, Inc provides education for women and girls regardless of race, or religion, and works to empower individuals in their communities and give them a better voice in the world.

We make it easy for people to learn about Islam

My Lord Increase Me In Knowledge 20:114

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Ustadha Ieasha Prime

Ieasha Prime, a world-renowned speaker, and scholar is the founder and Executive Director of Barakah, Inc.  Her traditional Islamic education includes receiving several scholarly licenses (ijaza).  Her life is devoted to being an educator and activist. She is passionate about using Islamic studies, cultural art, activism, and service to empower leaders to rise above all challenges and be of greater service to their communities.  She is also the co-founder of the Yan Taro Project in the Gambia.

Young Businesswoman

You in our classes

Maryam Seminary students are just like you.  Get involved for a life-changing experience.

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Dr. Nisa Muhammad

Dr. Nisa Muhammad is a co-founder of Barakah, Inc. who loves teaching Islam to women and girls.  She is also a university chaplain that specializes in sharing the joys and challenges of being Black and Muslim on college campuses.  She is the past president of the Association of Muslim Chaplains.  She's an avid reader and fashionista.  In her other life, she is a Ph.D. student in African Studies.  Her research looks at how African American Muslims understand certain verses in the Qur'an.

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You at our Sisters Retreat

Do yourself a favor and come to our sisters' retreat.  It will be a life-changing experience.

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Lauren Schreiber

Lauren Schreiber is the co-founder and Executive Director of Center DC, a Muslim third space in Washington DC. She is currently pursuing her master's in chaplaincy at Hartford International University, with a specialty in Islamic Studies. Under her leadership, Center DC launched a community chaplaincy project in January 2021, where they offer pastoral care to the broader community, free of charge. She is a convert to Islam, the wife of a youth director, and the mother of a wonderful little girl. 

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You in our
Leadership Institute

Our community needs better leaders.  Our community needs you.  Sign up today for a life-changing experience

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